Volkswagen Rose St

Down the road to Prestige Park, Long Contracting was tasked with updating the Volkswagen dealership into a modern sales environment. The old dark and dreary building has been totally transformed, giving new life to this corner showroom. New glazed staff office and an open customer lounge have now created an interactive and comfortable environment to display and sell cars.

Hoyts Frankston

Completed in just three months, Long Contracting successfully delivered twelve new cinemas in a three step cinema staging process, maximizing the operability of the cinemas while the refurbishment works were undertaken. The renovation process included the demolition of the existing cinemas, new timber platforms, carpet, lux leather reclining seats and curtains.
Works were also done in the cinema corridors, main foyer and bathrooms completely reinvigorating the old cinema space.

Hoyts Eastland

The New Hoyts foyer at Eastland was the first in Victoria, consisting of a full stocked bar, commercial kitchen (with dumbwaiter), self-serving confectionary foyer, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream store and state of the art interactive screens. Ensuring Hoyts remained operational throughout the renovation created its challenges, however working around the clock with a dedicated team; Long’s delivered this spectacular new foyer in time for the 400 private guests to screen the new James Bond movie.

Volkswagen Prestige Park

Volkswagen Prestige Park

Long Contracting undertook a conversion of the previous Audi dealership into a Volkswagen showroom. A total strip out and refurbishment took place in the interior offices and display areas. New Alucobond cladding and illuminated signage to the façade have revitalized the old showroom into a modern, sleek building, which welcomes customers into a comfortable and spacious lounge where they are greeted by staff.